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Bonus Content Only

Seen Birth Story and want to know a little more? These are clips that we weren't able to include in the final film but are still dear to our hearts.

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Bonus Content Only
  • Teaching

    During a midwife assistant workshop at the Farm, Ina May shows the students how to feels a pregnant woman’s belly.

  • Mentors

    Ina May describes two of her mentors: The local Summertown country doctor, Dr. Williams and Alabama grand midwife, Margaret Charles Smith.

  • About Town

    Ina May visits The Farm Store and takes a dip in the swimming hole.

  • Aurora is Born

    Ina May and Stacie attend Heather's birth.

  • Heaven & Earth

    Farm Midwife Pamela Hunt and her two friends sing “Heaven and Earth."

  • Killer Movie Reviews Interview

    A radio interview with directors Sara Lamm and Mary Wigmore anticipating the San Francisco theatrical release of Birth Story.